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Clog, c. a block of wood to hang to the neck of an uneasy cow or to the leg of a rambling horse. Cloggins, the feet. is. and E. snowballs on 'As Cloggy, G. fat and heavy. ' Clog wheels, c. cart wheels of thick plank and without spokes. In. common use in the 18th century. Clonk, c. a sounding blow. walk clumsily and Clonter, make a clattering noise with the G. to feet. w. a blow; a patch ; a rag. the Juncus lampocarpus c. plant. to throw clods, They dottit t' lasses wid apples and hed sec fun Clot, &c.

Crow, G. a trivet for supporting a pan on the fire. Crowdy, G. oatmeal mixed with the fat of broth; a horse's mess of seeds and meal, &c. See Stick by t' rib. Crowfeet, Crowk, crowk ' the plant Ranun- G. Crowkins, 'The guts to croak. a noise. G. w. to crawl. Crub, Crub, c. a crib or manger. w. w. a blow. G. a useless expletive frequently preceding a remark, &c. Cum. What hes ta to say ? Cum. ' Cum, ' ' Cum-atable, G. attainable. ' c. reprisal. It will visit ' cum It'l him here- Cum-mether, Cummiter, c.

Chamber-lye; stale urine. Cheppel Sundays, cats. Chitty, Chitty wren, G. the wren. lium verum. The infusion has been used as rennet. Cheg, unskil- fully. Chitter talk. Cheelie, blades cat. the wren. Chatter wallet, Cha-waww, first the Chit, G. ' Chatter hen, the c. whom of grass in the spring. Chirrup, seedlings. w. chaser. , fective Chats, honour of the saint to chapel was dedicated. , when people assemble from a distance, attend Divine service, dine with their friends, and then adjourn to the inns to make merry in Chopp, Shoop, c.

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