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By Guy Rundle

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There is a necessity now and then, to take inventory of the place we've been and the place we're now, and beauty where all of it went wrong ...

From Rinehart to Bob Brown, Abbott to the Rainbow Serpent ... our once-great land has had its justifiable share of nitwits. Come on a trawl via all of them, with man Rundle (and Dexter Rightwad), at the bin evening Australia needed to have.

Guy Rundle is a author, editor, manufacturer and journalist, inter alia. A widespread contributor to the Age, Sydney Morning usher in and all media – other than the 70 in line with cent owned via the Murdochs, at time of writing – he used to be a co-editor of enviornment journal for a few years. at the level he wrote 4 exhibits for optimum Gillies: membership Republic, Your Dreaming...

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The first Australian prime minister from the Left of the ALP, whatever that means, the first woman prime minister, a leader who snatched victory from the jaws of defeat to deny Tony Abbott the premiership, a leader who has suffered more calumny and viciousness than any in our recent history from a feral Right … and yet here she is, because in the end she turned out to be no bloody good at the job. There is no way round it, no way of avoiding it, no way of mitigating it – she replaced a prime minister who was popular with the Australian people, yet the very opposite with his own members, and particularly with the cabal of shadowy men she collaborated with to replace him.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this introduction, please call Samaritans Australia or, if busy, Catherine Deveny. * for that image my thanks are due to Brendan Fevola The Man from Showy Drivel There was amusement in the nation, cos by constant proclamation Old A B from Binalong had got his way And though the country was part suburb, and part vast and dull sheep station A more heroic take would have its day So amidst the tort and probate of a Sydney lawyer’s shop Young Albert told a tale of wild affray Of wild horses, daring deeds, of stirrup, whip and crop Then he closed his books and took a tram home by the bay And when published in its glory, the public loved this story Deeds of daring in a wild and untamed land For even if its hoary there’s nothing like hortatory Odes for nations otherwise intent on being bland So in train and tram and villa, from Bellevue Hill to Bonegilla We went all the way with Banjo on the slide Every clerk and grazing farmer was in his mind the raffish charmer Who rode to fortune down the mountainside And from that moment we were cactus, a nation forced to act as If we were all wild, outdoorsy types manque Though to drop-ins it was clear, our lives were less frontier Than an endlessly restagéd Wye-on-Hay Despite all evidence concerning, this absurd heroic yearning We were settled city-slickers from the start But a timid man’s reflection, can’t bear too much inspection So in hunger for the real we turned to art Now, we wield the whipper-snipper, and read Xmas books by Dipper We’re still on the young lad’s mountain run From Bloemfontein and Gallipoli, to Tobruk and to Tripoli You can just stand back and point us to the guns We’re still charging through the sharp rocks, saving someone else’s livestock From Iraq to mining tax, our rep abides Thanks to Banjo and the kid, we’ll reliably bring the stupid You can always take an Aussie for a ride, boys You can always take an Aussie for a ride.

The truth is that Howard was the prime mover of far less that happened than he was supposed to be, and failed to resist far less than he is commonly supposed to have held out against. He made some things that happened very much worse than they would otherwise have been, and made us worse in the process, and he nobbled a few other things that might have happened. But his most far-reaching attempts at change came to grief easily, and as a US-style culture warrior he proved pretty inept. Still, he floats in the consciousness of both Howardhumpers and Howard-haters, that comical Magoo face, the grin that everyone calls shit-eating.

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